Who’s Phat?

Who is the Phatman?

         Hello fellow food lovers. My name is Jody Bilyj. I’ve grown up in and around Montreal, a great food city, all my life and have always had a passion for food. I decided to start a blog, not to focus on one specific food theme like fine dining or restaurant reviews or whatnot, but to encompass all the wonderful things about food, eating, cooking and on and on…BUT also some of the challenges in cooking; the failed recipes, cooking with young kids around, working with tough cookbooks and, well you get the idea.

      I love food. I think everyone does. If not, everyone should. I think anyone who says they hate cooking really is saying they hate failing. Once you nail a recipe and the people you feed are flipping out you will see what kind of an addiction good eating and good cooking really is.

      So I hope you all enjoy reading, and trying out, all of the amazing recipes, books, restaurants and crazy food half as much as I love writing about it!

Stay Phat!

Who is Pete Thibault?

Greetings and salutations fellow food enthusiasts, Pete Thibault here.  Why am I here you ask? Simple, I dig food.  Always have, always will! Perhaps most importantly though, I dig the food experience.

If I were to sum up my upbringing in three words, those words would unquestionably be family, friends and food. My parents, both excellent cooks, regularly hosted large groups of friends and family for weekend gatherings. We always had company over and the more the merrier. My fondest childhood memories all involve passing dishes around the table. I remember the banter of the adults and us kids laughing along whether we understood the punch line or not.

Nowadays, I try to recapture the essence of those meals with my circle of friends and a brood of my own. I’ll chime in from time to time with details of my hits and misses as well as recipes and restaurant reviews.

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  1. Hey! Do you still live in Canada or are you in the States? I am casting a Food Network show. I’d love to talk details with you, as I need help spreading the word about our open call in NYC on Sat 10/25. Also may need a food taste tester at the auditions. Please let me know if you can help either way – harley.konner@rtvshows.com – thank you!

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