Gotta Eat a Pita Pizza

uncooked pizza

I have a plethora of respect for single parents. Fancy word, right? I even know what it means! It is that sack thing that comes out of a woman after she delivers a baby. Some women keep that sack and eat it. I don’t judge them for it. Anyway, what was I talking about before you interrupted me? Right, pita pizza. Like I was saying, I spend half of my evenings alone with my two kids. Ladies, please. Calm down. I am not actually single. My lady friend works the evening shift.

Days like I had today just leave me completely in awe of the people who take care of their kids on their own. I don’t mean the people who use the TV as a babysitter whilst they suck back a bottle of vino at the kitchen table. I’m talking about the ones who can go to work, pick up their kids, bring them to activities, help with homework, cook supper, get lunches ready for the next day, and get their kids to bed on time. That all in one day. Even on the nights where we are two it can be a daunting task.

So how did my day go? It feels nice to have someone ask that. Well, once I finished work I headed to the gym for about an hour. From there I bolted to get my youngest at daycare. Then race off to get my older daughter at school. We get in at 16h38 and she has dance class at 17h. Yay! I command her to change at lightning speed and then realize my lovely and sometimes talented lady friend did not do her hair up in the olbigatory bun for class. Great. If there is one thing I suck the bag at when it comes to having daughters is anything to do with their hair. I give it a shot and wow I am not even close. She puts her hair back into a ponytail and I tell her to just ask her teacher to do it because her father is a moron. We get to dance class with 5 whole minutes to spare! Father of the year right here. And yes, she did tell her teacher that I was a moron. Perfect moment for her to start listening to me.

Ok, so while my oldest is busting a move I fly back to my place with the little one to start prepping for supper. Keeping in mind that if my oldest doesn’t go to bed by 19h30 at the latest that she is beyond miserable the next day, I have to haul some serious ass to whip something up and have it served by 18h30. This is the type of day that has many of us lining up in the drive-thru lanes getting some fast food because we just don’t have time for much else. I admit I do it once in a while too but I don’t feel right doing that on a weekly basis. Throwing together some pita pizzas is a perfect solution to this. If your kids don’t like pizza well that is just messed up.

Whenever my kids have a weird thing like that I just blame it on the fact that they are adopted. It must come from the biological parents. Yes, we adopted. It’s amazing how many people will immediately ask if I can’t have kids as soon as they hear that. Yes I could! Hell, I’ll get someone pregnant right now! Anyhow, luckily my kids could probably eat pizza everyday so I should be ok with dinner tonight. While this isn’t a meal for the ages that would go into a recipe book if I were to ever write one, it is fast, simple, pretty healthy, and the kids have a blast making their own too. So in the hour I have before class is done I chop what needs chopping and get everything ready to go so that once we are back all we need to do is assemble them and toss them in the oven.

maniacs 18h already? Ok, head back to get my kid and go right back home to make dinner. I throw together the pizzas with a blistering speed not unlike a fancy sushi chef while my kids get their pj’s on. No time for baths today. We manage to sit down and eat finally at exactly 18h38. The kids just totally destroy that pizza. I get them in bed by 19h30 and it sounds to me like they are asleep by 20h. Hey, not bad I suppose.

 There were no big moments of panic today, no breaking up of fights betwixt the kids, and we had a fun meal together too. So if you reach for a takeout menu on days like this or stop in a drive-thru please know that there are options out there to get a decent meal on the table for your kids even when you barely have time to pee in the day. Damn, I knew I forgot something!

 I’m all set to sit down and enjoy some hockey. These kind of days just slay me. They almost make me wonder what crazy thoughts were going through my brain when I agreed to adopting. You can’t just give them back when they make you crazy you know! I feel like I did pretty good today so I crack open a sexy beer to celebrate while I watch the habs kick some ass. That’s when I realize that I never checked my daughter’s agenda to see if she had homework–she did. Oh, and I never checked with her if she was well behaved at school today–she wasn’t. I have no idea how single parents get through this every day.

Well, the beer is already opened so I may as well enjoy it. I wake up an hour later with my now empty beer glass on my chest and the game nearly over. I guess I didn’t earn that beer after all. Oh, the cold, wet irony.

Stay phat.


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