Kookie Queens: Dying for Cookies? They Knead the Dough


Are you like me? I can whip up homemade ravioli and bust out an awesome risotto but ask me to bake a dessert and things turn ugly fast. I can never get the hang of it for some reason. So much so that it has become a mental block at this point. It’s a big problem for me cause I love me some killer cookies. Store bought stuff just doesn’t cut it for me. So what’s a phat boy to do? Imagine how amazing it would be if someone started up a service where they made all the dough and you just needed to bake the cookies? Is even that step too hard? Well what if that same company would also bake them by the dozen for you? Still too much effort to go get them? Ok now you are pushing it BUT it looks like you are in luck! Let me introduce you to Kookie Queens. KABLAMO! There are now no more cookie problems in the greater Montreal area.

Kookie Queens, run by sisters Kamika and Vanessa McLarty, offer several types of dough for sale with each batch making approximately 60 cookies. So if you suck the bag at making desserts like I do, or if you don’t have the time to bake, or if you just want massive amounts of sexy cookies then look no further. They also offer cookies already baked and sold by the dozen. You can order ahead and pick them up at one of two spots, either in the city or on the south shore. Delivery is also offered in those areas as well. Oh, and you all know how I go on and on about not eating boxed pre-made crap that is filled with, well, crap right? These cookies are all natural baby! No hydrogenated garbage or preservatives to be found here people!

What I love about a startup company like this is that it isn’t some giant cookie machine offering “homemade” cookies and pumping them out by the thousands across the country. This is just two hilarious, down to earth sisters whose passion for baking cookies and love of great food has led them to this. And they ain’t just baking no standard chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies either. I’m talking about Pocket Full of Sunshine dough(lemon and white chocolate chunks), Orange Dreamsicle(orange and white chocolate chunks), and Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk to name a few. Those are the ones my kids and I have sampled so far. I have strict orders from my kids to get more ASAP. They’ll also be featuring a new dough every month. They love hearing from their fans so if you have an idea or suggestion for a dough just shoot them an email. These ladies aren’t only amazing in the kitchen. They’re sweethearts too. They recently donated several batches of cookies to Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women Fundraiser. If that isn’t a cause you can get behind then that is just cold. They’ve also catered a Rogers employee appreciation day too so it looks like the Kookie Queens are picking up steam!

Now just look how sexy these are:

More sexy cookies

I nearly had to fistfight my 4 year old to just get a bite of the Hazelnut Chocolate chunk cookies. But I did it. Just for you guys. My 4 year old might be tough but when it comes to cookies I am tougher. I dutifully tried(devoured so fast I bit my own fingers) each of these and all were kickass but I have to say my favorite is the Pocket Full of Sunshine. No, wait, the Hazelnut. No, no, the Orange Dreamsicle. Wait, hang on, the lemon, no, no pretty sure it is the orange. Oh hell, I am gonna have to get more cookies. For you guys of course. So I can tell you how good they are. Over and Over.

You don’t have to take just my word for it though. Kamika told me a fascinating story about a personal trainer who would soon be hosting people at her place and she ordered a batch of dough and put it in the freezer to avoid temptation. Can you guess how that went? Can you figure out who found themself standing at the fridge with a spoon(I hope) eating frozen dough right out of the container? I’ll give you a hint: the personal trainer. Then another fan of the cookies called Kookie Queens FROM THE COOKIE AISLE at a grocery store desperately asking for dough that day since there was nothing there that could compare. Now, if those stories can’t convince you that these cookies are good then maybe you hate cookies? Who the hell hates cookies? Do you also hate beautiful sunsets? Puppies? Double rainbows after a summer shower? The smell of a dewy spring meadow? Geez people, release the hate and get some of this stuff right now!

Listen, for all of you who support buying local and want to make local businesses work this is a perfect opportunity to put your money where your mouth is, well that’s where the cookies go but you know what I mean. And to all other cookie makers around here: move over, you are in Kookie Queens spotlight.

Follow them at https://twitter.com/Kookiequeens or on Instagram at http://instagram.com/kookiequeens. I command you.

Stay phat.

Sexy cookies

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